Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Tie Dye Commuter

Lately I have been hating being a commuter. Most of the time it’s great. I save on money and its very inspirational to watch the people of Philly. But walking into a packed train is awful. No one ever moves over to make new seats and worst of all no one talks. I bet if everyone said hello to the person next to them on a train we all would meet great people and be more a part of the community. I often think about the possibilities of sitting next to the person that could get me my dream job or I could get them theirs…but not a word is spoken. Everyone’s on their iPod, Ipad, and headphones full of craziness. And me…I dream about conversational prints, tie dye and who I want to be when I grown up. If only I would get enough balls to talk to the grumpy lady next to me. Maybe she likes to tie dye too!

I wonder whos on this train from Chicago in 1948?

image via Chuck

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