Monday, September 9, 2013


I have been so super pumped all weekend and today…oh yes Fashion Week is here!! I have been stalking the shows online and like always it makes my mind explode with ideas and new color combinations. Most of shows so far have kinda been well blah… a lot feels so already done, under innovative and you can see the poor constructions. But it’s far from over and I’m ready to be blown away! Actually THilfiger really shocked me with its crazy shirt color block pants/ skirts. Not sure if I like it yet…reminds me of being in the mall when I was 12 and seeing girls wear those Abercrombie shorts that totally shows their crouch…eeewww…but it was definitely different. Well from cramming nonstop… color and patterns start to fill my head and I see relations everywhere. I love it! Today for lunch I sat on the pier right outside my office and as I ate my amazing PB&J I started seeing color connections all over. The muted blues of the bay reflected off a purple tinted cargo ship and the soft reds of a Muni sign on the road reminded me of the Theyskens Theory and Opening Ceremony shows. As I walked back to my building I saw some broken glass with all different shades of dark denim blues….I instantly thought of the Band of Outsiders. 
I’m not really a dark faded color lover but it surprised me how cool they looked. Sometimes first blah impressions can turn into unexpected amazing inspirations.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

color love

Happy Tuesday! 
I'm normally not a big fan of green paired with red but there is something so beautiful about these images.
 I love the saturated teal and coral mixed with the light sand and baby pink.