Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DIY A little pick me up

So to kick start my new space I made a little box of pick-me ups. I saw a post on theClotheshorse and I knew I had to make one of my own. On those rough days it’s nice to have some words of encouragement.

writing utensil
printouts/objects (anything that inspires you it can even be from old magazines or a piece of fabric that you love..I printed out some of my favorite flickr photographers and artists)
Paper for writing your message
Glue (I used Sobo glue)
Most important and the most fun- A box! I found mine in my Christmas storage with ordainments in it. You can find some at retails stores like Michaels, or you could use a old tin lid, or even a tea box. The possibilities are endless. For my next one I’m thinking about using a old book and cutting out a circle out of the front.

1. Cut out your inspirations to fit the inside of the box.

2. Place and plan how you want them to go
3. Glue and secure

4. Write out a message that means something to you or use a quote from someone you admire on a piece of paper. Write it our small enough to fit inside the box

5. Cut it out, bend and glue to the edge of the box. I used my marker to secure it

6. Let dry and place or give as a gift and then do a little dance cause you just make an awesome box of happiness.

I have mine hanging in my new studio space.
It really makes me feel 10 times better on those gloomy days!
Plus the dino is pretty cute!

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