Sunday, January 27, 2013


Suns are awesome! I'm at Karen's house and it is so great!!! loving my day!!!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow oh oh

It's snowing! It's the kinda snow I love the most the glitter kind! When I walk it glitters everywhere. It's so calming. This is exactly what I need.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Downton Abby

When thinking of the PBS channel..well besides being a kid and growing up on the wonderful show Sesame Street…I’ve never really got into any of the shows or paid any mind to them.
At least till now...
Downton Abby is a spectacular show that I’ve come to adore immensely.
What really latched me on was the fashion, the hair styles, and the revolutions of the time.
 I find myself drooling at the incredible gowns and day dresses. I ripped through my closest hoping to find something that even looked similar to wear the next day.
I’ve always been drawn to the fashions of the 1920’s - the merge from Edwardian to the Flapper.
It’s such fabulous time of great change in fashion and women’s rights. 

You go girls from the 1920’s! You rock my socks!
 I only wish I could just step back in time for just one day to a castle like Downton Abby with designers at my fingertips like Jeanne Lanvin and Madame Vionnet.

The real 1920's

 I’ve watched the video below about five times crushing on all the hair styles.
 How did they get that soft wave so perfect?
New obsession- must attempt to recreate these hair styles!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

oh yes its Friday!!

Yea!!!!!! Its Friday and I'm super pumped to wake up tomorrow and relax.
Saturday is my day to dance in the sun!
Image by hasisi park
Have a wonderful amazing weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

wipe that clock off your face

Happy Wednesday!
I own a lot of books and keep them all over the place. Today is the kinda day that I really needed smile and all I had to do is look up.
There it was... an amazing book I got in Brooklyn a few years ago.
The collages are full of life and outstanding color! It has a pretty awesome title as well!
Here is the source of my smile today:
wipe that clock off your face

  Thanks Brian! You rock!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Crafty Sunday

Well its mid January of 2013 already and I've got the cleaning itch. I started organizing my sewing/studio space and I found a whole box full of vintage fabric belts I made for a craft show last year that didn't sell. I was going to just put them back in another box to save but an idea came to me. With my idea, some vintage fabric homemade belts, and a canvas, I created a new inspiration board! This idea can be used with any belt or scarf you have- old or new that maybe you like but just don't use. Its hard to get rid of those items you love that you don't use that much. So if you don't want to get rid of it.. change it and make it better! Its time to create something fabulous!

Here is my big pile of belts! I love all the fabrics and I adore all the fine trims. 
But wow do they make a big mess!

*Canvas- any size I used 18in by 24in 
(you can find them at craft stores like AC Moore or art stores. 
I got mine at Blick. They have some great sales.)
*Belts, Scarves, Fabric, Ribbon- anything that can wrap around the canvas.

Step 1 :
*Wrap the belt/whatever you desire around the canvas then tun around and secure. Make sure you wrap and tie it really tight! I tied another fabric in a tight bow to secure it.

Its nice and tight!

Step 2:
Repeat Step 1 for each piece you have, layering them over just a little bit about a half an inch.

And  Bam! 

Step 3 :
*Flip it over and look at the awesome inspiration board you made! This is a perfect time to add or change any fabrics but I find it best when you just go with it! The more the patterns clash the better!

Step 4: 
*Hang it! I put it right up in my sewing/studio space and because of the overlap of the fabric I can slip any of my inspirations or important reminders in nicely. 

and there you have it! With just a little craftiness and love the items 
I didn't have a use for are now part of my daily life and bring so much color and fun to my day! 

Happy Crafty Sunday! Brought to you by a misty Sunday in January.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm doing a happy dance right now

So I finally did it!!! I made this super awesome dress using
photochromic inks and glow inks. The photochromic ink is activated by UVb rays aka the SUN!!
I just finished it last night so tonight
I'm going to test out the glow which is the peach print on the hem!
 The design was inspired by how I'm feeling lately-
ready to f*ck em and live my dreams.
 I'm ready to do what I love most.... create innovative prints with a purpose.
Check out the video to see how the dress changes in the sunlight. I'm so Happy right face is beeming with joy! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the little things

Just some happyness in my day back from vacation.
 some pretty dried flowers
My Luna bear 
my awesome pork banh mi sandwich that I had for lunch! oh  ROCKED!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sunshine travels

Wishing on falling stars and early trains today. I think I saw some purple rain on my way to New Jersey. Hope you are having a good Friday! Mine is starting to feel like a winter one.