Monday, July 23, 2012

Sitting under a tree is where I want to be

So its Monday and you know what?... it wasn't that bad. I made some cool prints today and wrapped up some things I normally can never get to. I actually had some time to breathe today- can you believe it! One of my favorite people in the whole entire world- Karen sent me these tree tears and today I got a chance to really dive in to them. There are tons more. I love them so much! I'm so inspired! Its awesome to get a special package from someone who is so inspirational. Thank you so much Karen.
 I really feel at peace when I look at them.
You are the best and I miss you so!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something Kinda Wonderful

Sorry I've been so mia....Its been rough moving in to a new place...working extra hard..and some family stuffs got me a little blue. But this morning to my happiness I found my camera! YES!
So here was my morning today. It was just perfect.
Now I ride everyday with Luna and that is my favorite part of my day.