Friday, February 1, 2013

Karen's House

This past weekend I went visit my favorite person who lives in my favorite place, Karen Skoglund. Her house is such a place of pure inspiration. Everywhere you look you will find purple, tie dye and suns. From the moment I step onto her property I feel a sense of calm and great happiness. I feel like the color comes back into my life...yes it’s that awesome! Not only is her house amazing she is amazingly multi-talented. I've sad this many times and will say it for the rest of my life...Karen is by far the coolest most inspirational person I have ever met and everything she so true to my soul. I am so grateful she was the one to teach me everything I know today. Yea she's ridiculously creative but she also super organized which is a very hard characteristic to find in us creative types. One thing that she taught me is to never give up doing what you love- never ever! She is an great example of making a living on her own by doing what she loves. I could keep writing about how cool Karen is for days but I guess I should show you some of her awesome house. Next time I go to visit I will take some different shots of some other parts of her house. Check out her website- its awesomely purple. oh and I also have to say that she is the best cook ever!!!!!!! I love you Karen!!

 Purple room!!!


                                     These are just some of her Fashion/art/sewing books!!!!

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