Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Downton Abby

When thinking of the PBS channel..well besides being a kid and growing up on the wonderful show Sesame Street…I’ve never really got into any of the shows or paid any mind to them.
At least till now...
Downton Abby is a spectacular show that I’ve come to adore immensely.
What really latched me on was the fashion, the hair styles, and the revolutions of the time.
 I find myself drooling at the incredible gowns and day dresses. I ripped through my closest hoping to find something that even looked similar to wear the next day.
I’ve always been drawn to the fashions of the 1920’s - the merge from Edwardian to the Flapper.
It’s such fabulous time of great change in fashion and women’s rights. 

You go girls from the 1920’s! You rock my socks!
 I only wish I could just step back in time for just one day to a castle like Downton Abby with designers at my fingertips like Jeanne Lanvin and Madame Vionnet.

The real 1920's

 I’ve watched the video below about five times crushing on all the hair styles.
 How did they get that soft wave so perfect?
New obsession- must attempt to recreate these hair styles!!!

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