Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Crafty Sunday

Well its mid January of 2013 already and I've got the cleaning itch. I started organizing my sewing/studio space and I found a whole box full of vintage fabric belts I made for a craft show last year that didn't sell. I was going to just put them back in another box to save but an idea came to me. With my idea, some vintage fabric homemade belts, and a canvas, I created a new inspiration board! This idea can be used with any belt or scarf you have- old or new that maybe you like but just don't use. Its hard to get rid of those items you love that you don't use that much. So if you don't want to get rid of it.. change it and make it better! Its time to create something fabulous!

Here is my big pile of belts! I love all the fabrics and I adore all the fine trims. 
But wow do they make a big mess!

*Canvas- any size I used 18in by 24in 
(you can find them at craft stores like AC Moore or art stores. 
I got mine at Blick. They have some great sales.)
*Belts, Scarves, Fabric, Ribbon- anything that can wrap around the canvas.

Step 1 :
*Wrap the belt/whatever you desire around the canvas then tun around and secure. Make sure you wrap and tie it really tight! I tied another fabric in a tight bow to secure it.

Its nice and tight!

Step 2:
Repeat Step 1 for each piece you have, layering them over just a little bit about a half an inch.

And  Bam! 

Step 3 :
*Flip it over and look at the awesome inspiration board you made! This is a perfect time to add or change any fabrics but I find it best when you just go with it! The more the patterns clash the better!

Step 4: 
*Hang it! I put it right up in my sewing/studio space and because of the overlap of the fabric I can slip any of my inspirations or important reminders in nicely. 

and there you have it! With just a little craftiness and love the items 
I didn't have a use for are now part of my daily life and bring so much color and fun to my day! 

Happy Crafty Sunday! Brought to you by a misty Sunday in January.

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