Friday, September 14, 2012

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Week NYC

So pumped about Fashion Week NYC. It's really such a great burst of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. Here's what I love love love so far from this week.
Custo Barcelona was by far my favorite- the mixing of crazy prints over embroideries over cut pieces with more screen printing on top was like an endless layered cake. My eyes kept getting wider as I flipped through- oh yes I would wear it all!

Doro Olowu had some great print mixing with amazing color exploration.
 I actually like the red pops and red is my least favorite color!
Betsy Betsy I love you so. She really got down and dirty like always. It makes me wanna scream "F*ck It". Gun Prints have always been a love of mine for a very long time and that monster dress is so AWESOME! Thanks Betsy for being you!

 I normally don't really dig BCBG but I have to say they made some great shapes and even more great engineered patterns. Love the orange pops as well.

For two years now I've drooled over Gary Graham's styles. The fine details and great floral mixes makes this season no different than the past. The blending is perfect and the silhouette of that wrapped dress makes my smile.

Herve Leger had some amazing Geo's that relate back to a few artworks that I'm loving lately.
 Its kinda like some got into my brain and matched some ideas up. Creepy!

Again I'm not usually thrilled by Nicole Miller but wow color print stripes + that cool hair.
She really hit my soul and filled it with happiness.

Proenza Schouler rocks with concept. I love the real photographic prints matched with embroideries and the idea of a simple print that swirls.

Skaist Taylor is hip awesome and once again I'm really liking the red. IDK whats come over me. I want the boots and the lace cuts. Its simple but she's got some tude going on and I like it.  

Winding down with Thakoon Addition. I'm obsessed with the denim and lace dress. The pop of the print is really different. I want to add some randomness to my life. Its kinda like when Alice just falls into the rabbit hole- shes falling and falling and in between the really weird and norm. Sweetness!
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