Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Oh maybe

Rewind today I feel Crazy. Christmas is coming and I'm starting to get super stressed! I'm not quite sure why. Actually I guess it’s because Christmas is not a easy day for me. It’s supposed to be a day to laugh and feel merry. A time to spend with friends and family. For a good portion of my life my Christmas is split... a little half with my mom and then the other at my grandma's house (Dad's mom-my parents are divorced). I'm so tired of hearing about all the horrible negative gossip or the awkward moment of oh wow she looks different or whether or not someone has a job. Does that matter? Why waste the one special day where everyone is together to fiddle on stupid societal nonsense! Why can’t we all just be happy for one day? Why must there be so much pressure and sadness? I wish I could freeze and then skip it!
 Or chill at a place the whole day where people are laughing, happy, and smiling.
I wish! I'm so greatful I had this past weekend...maybe I will make that my Christmas!

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